All-in-one cloud plATForm.

Entrava is powered by an advanced cloud management platform that works with all Entrava locks and wall readers. Built for a mobile world, Entrava’s key credentialing service does not use an on-site server. This removes an expensive failure point in key management that requires ongoing maintenance.


management Portal.

Manage user access to particular areas or to a specific time period and audit access records. Through our dashboard, easily manage and review who has access from any device, wherever you are. Locks are easily provisioned with Android phones.


entrava Mobile App.

Entrava’s mobile app enables secure access with smartphones by storing digital keys in the app with bank-level AES-128 encryption. For an additional layer of security users can require digital key authorization via the phone’s fingerprint reader or facial recognition. Digital key expiration and access are configured in the management portal.


the Mobile app experience.


User downloads digital key app and registers.


User receives secure digital key(s) from Entrava’s cloud platform after they check-in, move-in, or are onboarded.


User simply holds mobile device to lock or touches lock to gain access.

Choose the Mobile App solution
right for your business.

Entrava offers two quick and easy ways to get your business up and running on mobile keyless entry:

  • Entrava mobile app Available for iOS and Android, the Entrava mobile app lets you quickly begin using mobile keys in your building.
  • sdk (software development kit)  Entrava easily integrates with a branded app or mobile key provider via our well documented SDK.

touch to open.

Entrava’s digital key is verified through encrypted communication with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth as they approach the door.

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Access methods that
fit your business.

Entrava delivers the security your business needs


RFID key card / key fob / wristband


Digital Keys : secured with bank level AES-128 encryption on a smartphone app


One Time Passcode : send a single-use code

Integrations connect
Entrava to your workflow.

Entrava seamlessly fits into your existing workflow by integrating with your existing business technology such as Property
Management System or HR Management System to create key credentials at guest check-in or employee onboarding.