About Us

about entrava.

At Entrava we’ve created the first mobile-optimized access solutions in the Hotel and Commercial industries, making effortless access management achievable. We started by rethinking how a lock company works and creating processes that allow us to be hyper-responsive to customer needs with an access management system that meets today’s complex requirements via reliable, secure technology that is obsessively user-friendly.

We believe this starts with specially engineered, reliable lock products and industry-leading customer service. We then created our secure cloud platform to make access control simpler, safer, and more convenient.


Our Customer Commitment:
6 weeks from contract to delivery.

Entrava’s unified cloud platform is simple to install and use, no on-site server necessary. With integrations ready for your current business software, Entrava seamlessly fits into your existing workflow, allowing you to easily add new employees, tenants or guests and change access levels quickly.

Entrava seamlessly fits into your existing workflow by integrating with your existing business technology such as Property
Management System or HR Management System to create key credentials at guest check-in or employee onboarding.